How to reduce infection rates during Surgery?

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The sterilization wrap cloth is a keystone of surgery tool set. It is used to protect the surgical area from contamination during surgery and also provides an effective barrier against bacteria and viruses.

The sterilization wrap cloth can be used in many different ways, including as a drape or as part of a sterile field. This product has been designed for maximum efficiency and ease-of-use with features like its antimicrobial properties, breathability, and high strength.

You will find that this product is made from only the highest quality materials so you know it will last through multiple surgeries without degrading or losing effectiveness over time. This means you won’t have to worry about your patients being exposed to harmful pathogens while under your care!

Characteristics of sterilization wrap cloth

Sterilization wrap cloth should be capable of withstanding a sterile concentration greater than that used for sterilizing plastic packaging materials; strong enough so as not to break down during exposure to high temperature steam, humidity or ethylene oxide gas plasma sterilizers; and possess sufficient mechanical strength (e.g., tear resistance) after manufacturing defects in order not to lose its barrier properties over time due handling by staff members. It is also important that once sterilized, it has no residual toxicity which could contaminate applications such as food service products or healthcare items having direct contact with patients.

Evaluation of sterilization wrap cloth

Evaluation factors: re-usability number of recommended wash cycles, sterilant penetration & strength. Professionals should evaluate based on performance characteristics such as linting, Constantine resistance & fabric weight/texture.

Professionals should evaluate a sterilization wrap cloth based on performance characteristics. Most important thing to evaluation is re-usability maximum number of recommended wash cycles (event related and time related). 

OSUNG Re-useable Sterilization Wrap Cloth: Optimizing the Environment

The OSUNG Re-useable Sterilization Wrap Cloth is made with reused material and available on This product is not only environmentally friendly, but also cost effective for the customer in the long run due to its re-useability. If you are looking for a way to save money while contributing positively to the environment, this may be an option worth considering!

Benefits and Usage of OSUNG Re-useable Sterilization Wrap Cloth

  1. This sterilization wrap cloth is made with mixed blend material for longer life and repeat use.

  2. Osung Re-useable Sterilization Wrap Cloth is ideal for use in medical offices, dental practices and surgical centers. Osung offers a range of sizes to fit your needs including: a 20"x20", and 30"x30" sizes.

  3. Osung's re-useable sterilization wrap cloth is beneficial for the environment as it reduces waste generated from single use wraps.

  4. The fabric is made from poly/cotton blend and tight knit fabric which aids in its ability to protect against bacteria.

  5. Often times people think they need to use a new product after using one time but when it comes down to it, we often use items more than once before throwing them away which causes pollution. But with Osung's re-usable fabric there would be no waste because it could just get washed again instead of being tossed out into the trash.

  6. Osung washable Sterilization Wrap Cloth can be used to wrap dental instruments when storing wash instrument. The fabric is durable, breathable, soft to touch and easy to use because it wraps around dental instruments.

  7. If you're looking for solutions about how your company can reduce environmental impact than Osung USA has got you covered!

  8. Osung Re-usable Cloth can be reused up to 20 times.

  9. Reducing your environmental footprint isn't as difficult as you may think - just one small decision at a time! If you're interested in purchasing an Osung Re-useable Sterilization Wrap Cloth, visit for all available products and pricing options.


Osung Re-useable Sterilization Wrap Cloth is a reusable, washable and lightweight sterilizing wrap cloth made of mix blend fabric. These wraps can last 20 plus washes. These wraps reduces the risk of infection in surgery by eliminating the need to use disposable wraps which are not always sterile. The benefits include no cross contamination from other patients' germs, less waste than disposables, time savings during procedures.

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