Dental Bone Collector: Collect pieces of bone from the mouth

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      The Dental Bone Collector system is an efficient way to collect usable bones during implant drilling and reduce the need for extra surgery on your part by collecting graft material that would otherwise be wasted. This innovative product also saves you time in having multiple procedures done at once! The suction tube size of 8 mm diameter allows it to fit all standard tools used, so there's no more running around trying to find different-sized tubes when nothing else will do--this one does what needs doing quickly and simply with ease.


Dental Bone Collector Filter

      The Bone Collector Filter Cartridge is perfect for your machine. It fits comfortably in the collector system and captures enough dental bony material, so you can dispose of it properly after use!


Benefits of using the Dental Bone Collector:

      The Dental Bone Collector is a new, revolutionary dental tool that has many benefits over traditional dental tools. Here are some:

    • The Dental Bone Collector is much more precise than traditional dental tools, which means it can remove smaller pieces of bone and teeth with greater accuracy.
    • The Dental Bone Collector is less invasive which means it causes less damage to surrounding tissue.
    • The Dental Bone Collector is safer, which means it poses a lower risk of injury to the patient.
    • The ability to quickly and easily remove bone from extraction sites. This helps to speed up the healing process and minimize discomfort for the patient.
    • The Dental Bone Collector allows for greater precision, which leads to fewer complications and a quicker, more seamless recovery process for the patient.
    • The sterile environment created by the Dental Bone Collector minimizes the chances of infection developing at the site of extraction.

How does the Dental Bone Collector work?

      The dental bone collector is a device that is used to remove bones from the mouth. It consists of a handle and a tube that contains a filter. The tip is inserted into the mouth and using suction to collect the bone material. The collected bones are then removed from the filter.

How to clean and care for your Dental Bone Collector?

      It is important to clean and care for your Dental Bone Collector properly in order to ensure that it works correctly and lasts for a long time.

    • Rinse and sterilize the device after each use. 
    • Inspect the device regularly for any cracked or broken parts, and replace these if necessary. 

Precaution while using Dental Bone Collector:

      There are several things to keep in mind when using a dental bone collector.

    • Always use sterile instruments when collecting dental bones.
    • Second, be aware of the possible spread of infection when working with dental bones. 
    • Properly dispose of all collected materials and follow your institution's guidelines for disposal. 


      This is a small, handheld suction device that is used to extract dental bones from patients' mouths.

      Dental Bone Collector is very easy to use. The small size of the device made it easy to access tight spaces in the mouth. Overall, I would definitely recommend it for use in dental offices. The filters are available separately in packs of 50 and 100.

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