Webster Needle Holder, 5"

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Made of quality stainless steel to insure firm holding of needles and sutures.


Presenting the Oral32 33232 Webster Needle Holder 5 inch – a specially designed instrument crafted for precision and ease in surgical environments, particularly for handling and manipulating needles during suturing procedures.

Key Features:

  • Specialized Design: This needle holder is specifically designed for securely gripping and controlling needles, making it an essential tool for suturing.
  • Optimal Size: The 5-inch length offers excellent control and maneuverability, making it ideal for a variety of surgical applications, especially in delicate or confined spaces.
  • Secure Needle Grip: The jaws of the needle holder are designed to hold needles firmly, reducing slippage and increasing precision during suturing.
  • Durable Construction: Made with high-quality materials, the Oral32 33232 Webster Needle Holder is built to withstand the rigors of regular surgical use, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: The design focuses on ergonomic comfort, providing a comfortable grip that reduces hand fatigue during prolonged surgical procedures, which is crucial for maintaining precision.

The Oral32 33232 Webster Needle Holder 5 inch is an indispensable instrument in surgical settings, combining specialized design and ergonomic comfort for effective and precise needle handling during suturing and other surgical tasks.