OSUNG ELEVATORS Set of 8 | N-104

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Introducing the OSUNG Elevators Kit: Set of 8, the ultimate solution for all your dental and surgical elevation needs. This comprehensive set of elevators is designed to provide exceptional precision and reliability, allowing you to confidently perform  procedures with ease.


  • 3ELLR301: LUXATING ELEVATOR (3.0 mm), For Anterior, Plastic handle.
  • 3ELLR303: LUXATING ELEVATOR (3.0 mm), For Posterior, Plastic handle.
  • 3ELLR302 LUXATING ELEVATOR (3.0 mm), For Posterior, Plastic handle.
  • 3EL34: ELEVATOR (4.9 mm), For anterior, Plastic Handle. 
  • 3EL41: ELEVATOR (3.9 mm),  For Anterior,  Plastic Handle.
  • 3EL301A: ELEVATOR (2.7 mm), Plastic Handle.
  • 3EL304W: ELEVATOR ( 3.1 mm), Plastic Handle.
  • EFCCL1-F: Instruments CASETTE. 12 Capacity.