Osung DENTAL EXTRACTION FORCEP PEDO | Children Set of 9 | N-108

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Discover the ultimate solution for pediatric dental extractions with the Osung Dental Extraction Forcep Pedo. This comprehensive set of 9 specially designed instruments is crafted to meet the unique needs of children. With precise engineering, ergonomic handles, and superior quality, it ensures safe, efficient, and comfortable tooth extractions, providing optimal care for young patients' oral health.


  • Pedo Extraction Forcep, Child, Upper 321-123.  FXX29C 
  • Pedo Extraction Forcep, Child, Upper 54-45.  FXX7C 
  • Pedo Extraction Forcep, Child, Upper 654-456.  FXX51C 
  • Pedo Extraction Forcep, Child, Lower 321-123.  FXX33C 
  • Pedo Extraction Forcep, Child, Lower 54-45.  FXX13C 
  • Extraction Forcep CHILDREN. Perfect for Upper Incisors, Premolars and Roots. Universal Type.  FX150S
  • Dental Extraction Forcep CHILDREN. Extraction Forceps made for children. Perfect for Primary Teeth and Roots. Universal Type. FX151S
  • Extraction Forcep PREMOLARS, FX101. Extraction Forcep for Upper premolars, Lower premolars and Deciduous for adults. Also, exceptionally well suited for molars for children. Universal type.  FX101
  • Instrument Cassette 12 capacity, Large tools. EFCCL1-F.