Osung Composite Scalpel Handle Premium-SHCS

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Osung Composite Scalpel Handle, SHCS

Product Highlights:

  • Blade Replacable
  • designed to improve safety and convenience from the old way as inserting the blade into the lidocaine ampoule
  • Safety - Protect your hands from the blade
  • Convenience - Easy blade fastening and save time
  • Hygienic - Autoclave sterilizable
  • Semi-permanent use is possible only by replacing the blade

When the adjacent tooth surface of the anterior or premolars is laminated with composite resin, no matter how well the metal matrix band or Mylar strip is sealed, the resin may overflow, or the overhanging margin may form on the gingival margin.
At the end of the photopolymerization process, after finishing and polishing with a high speed bur, mostly adjust the lowermost part using the blade of #12 scalpel comes out of the composite scalpel handle and form the gingival margin and embrasure without touching the gingival as much as possible.