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Experience precision and efficiency in implant surgery with the OSUNG IMPLANT SURGERY KIT (N-127).

This comprehensive kit is meticulously crafted to elevate your implant procedures, encompassing essential tools for optimal surgical outcomes:

Dental Probe, BPUNC15
Periotome, Anterior, PRRS3
Periotome, Posterior, PR2-2R
Bone Packer, Dia 2.5mm & 3.0mm, GP2530
Bone Packer, Dia 3.3mm & 4.0mm, GP3340
Bone Carrier, BSC3539
Sinus Rongeur, Kerrison, RNGSK100
Periosteal elevator, Molt 9, EP9
Luxating Elevator, Regular Sharp, Metal Handle, ELLR301
Surgical Curette, CL86, Lucas, URCL86
Surgical Curette, CM2-4, Molt, URCM2-4
Mallet, ML20
Spatula periosteal chisel, Spatula chisel, 6mm, MXSP6
Caliper, LPC90
Niddle Holder, Needle Holder, 16cm, NH160
Scissor, LaGrange, compound curved, SCLC115
Scissor, Tissue scissor, curved, SCTC115
Retractor, Minesota, RTCRM
Retractor, Armynavy, RTAN20
Tissue Plier, Tissue Forcep, 128mm, PT41
Tissue Plier, Bakey, PTB19
Surgical Suction tip, Frazier, Inner dia 3.0mm, with Cleaning Stylet, SNF30
Part for Surgical Suction, Cleaning Stylet, SNKCS
Scalpel Handle, Straight, SHS
Scalpel Handle, Tiltable, SHTL
Mouth Mirror, Front Surface Double Side, Cone Socket No. 4, 22mm dia, metal handle, EA
Anesthesia Syringe, Aspirating, Type A, SAA1
Wrapping Cloth, 750 x 750mm, WR7575

Enhance your implant surgery capabilities and ensure exceptional patient care. Elevate your practice with the OSUNG IMPLANT SURGERY KIT.