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Elevate your bone grafting procedures with the precision and efficiency of the OSUNG BONE GRAFTING KIT (N-125).

Crafted to meet the demands of professional dentistry, this comprehensive kit includes a curated selection of essential instruments:

- Periodontal Knife, Orban, KNO1-2
- Bone Packer, Dia 3.3mm & 4.0mm, GP3340
- Bone Carrier, BSC3539
- Periosteal elevator, P9H, EP9H
- Needle Holder, 16cm, NH160
- Scissor, LaGrange, compound curved, SCLC115
- Tissue Plier, ADSON, 1*2, 120mm, PT42
- Scalpel Handle, Tiltable, SHTL
Instrument cassette, EFCCL1

The inclusion of the Instrument Cassette (EFCCL1) ensures convenient organization and accessibility to your instruments. From precision cutting to effective tissue manipulation, the OSUNG BONE GRAFTING KIT empowers your bone grafting procedures with the utmost precision and ease. Upgrade your practice today.