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Elevate your precision with the OSUNG MICRO SURGERY KIT (N-124), an all-encompassing solution for delicate dental procedures.

This meticulously crafted kit includes a wide array of specialized instruments, each contributing to your surgical excellence:

Dental Implant Probe Tips only, 5-pack, 3BPCP12
Simple Stem Mirror Soft Grip Handle only, Blue, EA
Universal Curette, Metal Handle, CUYG7-8
Periodontal Knife, Kurkland, KNK15-16
Periodontal Knife, Orban, KNO1-2
Periodontal Surgical Curette, URPR1-2
Periodontal Chisel, CHCP3-4
Periosteal elevator, Molt 9, EP9
Periosteal elevator, P24G, EP24G
Periosteal elevator, PRICHARD, EPPR3
Periosteal elevator, BUSER, EPBUSER
Needle Holder, Mayo-Hegar, TC, NH160TC
Needle Holder, Crile-wood, TC, NHC150TC
Scissor, Goldman-Fox, curved, SCGC130
Scissor, Goldman-Fox, straight, SCGS130
Tissue Plier, Bakey, PTB19
Tissue Plier, Tissue Forcep, 128mm, PT41
Surgical Suction tip, Stainless, Inner dia 3mm, SN3SUS
Scalpel Handle, Silicone, Straight, SH2S
Mouth Mirror, Front Surface Double Side, Simple Stem No. 4, 22mm dia, EA
Simple Stem Mirror Handle only, Metal, EA
Instrument Cassette (EFCCL1) ensures organized accessibility to your instruments.

Experience microsurgery at its finest with the OSUNG MICRO SURGERY KIT.