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Discover the comprehensive OSUNG EXTRACTION SURGICAL KIT (N-123), a precise and versatile solution designed to elevate your dental extraction procedures.

This meticulously crafted kit includes a range of essential instruments for efficient and effective extractions:

- Periotome, Anterior, PRRS3
- Periotome, Posterior, PR2-2R
- Dental Probe, BPUNC15
- Periosteal elevator, Molt 9, EP9
- Luxating Elevator, Regular Sharp, Plastic Handle, 3ELLR501
- Luxating Elevator, Regular Sharp, Plastic Handle, 3ELLR303
- Surgical Curette, CL85, Lucas, Serrated blade, 3URCL85C
- Bone File, Miller, Straight-cut, BF22
- Bone Rongeur, Friedman, 142mm, RNGF140
- Extraction Forceps, FX1
- Extraction Forceps, FX151
- Extraction Forceps, FX301
- Needle Holder, Crile-wood, TC, NHC150TC
- Scissor, Dean Scissor, SCD170
- Tissue Plier, Tissue Forcep, 128mm, PT41
- Tissue Plier, ADSON, 1*2, 120mm, PT42
- Tissue Plier, Bakey, PTB19
- Surgical Suction tip, Stainless, Inner dia 3mm, SN3SUS
- Scalpel Handle, Straight, SHS
- Anesthesia Syringe, Aspirating, Type A, SAA1
Instrument Cassette (EFCCL1)

The Instrument Cassette (EFCCL1) ensures efficient organization and accessibility. Elevate your extraction procedures with the precision and reliability offered by the OSUNG EXTRACTION SURGICAL KIT.