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Introducing the OSUNG IMPLANT SURGERY KIT 200 - SET (N-114), a comprehensive solution for implant surgery procedures.

This kit includes a range of meticulously crafted instruments to enhance precision and efficiency during implant surgeries:

Sinus Lift, ISSL3
Sinus Lift, ISSL4
Root Picker, Plastic handle, 3ERP3
Root Picker, Plastic handle, 3ERP1
Root Picker, Plastic handle, 3ERP2
Sinus Lift, ISSC1
Sinus Lift, ISSC2
Bone Collector, Bone Collector, ST1
Periosteal elevator, Molt 9, EP9
Periosteal elevator, P9H, EP9H
Tissue Plier, Suture, 150mm, PTS22C
Surgical Suction tip, Stainless, Inner dia 4mm, SN4SUS
Complete with an instrument cassette (EFCCL1)

The OSUNG IMPLANT SURGERY KIT 200 - SET empowers implant surgeons with top-quality tools for successful implant procedures. Elevate your implant surgery practice with this comprehensive and professional kit.