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Elevate your dental extraction procedures with the OSUNG EXTRACTION FORCEP SET of 11 (N-112). This comprehensive set includes a range of specially designed forceps to ensure precision and efficiency during extractions.

The set includes:

Extraction Forceps, FX1, UPPER ANTERIOR
Extraction Forceps, FX150, UPPER TERIORS PREMOLARS
Extraction Forceps, FX10S, UPPER MOLARS
Extraction Forceps, FX53R,  UPPER MOLARS
Extraction Forceps, FX53L, UPPER MOLARS
Extraction Forceps, FX151, LOWER TERRIORS ANTERIOR
Extraction Forceps, FX17, LOWER MOLARS
Extraction Forceps, FX222,  LOWER MOLARS
Extraction Forceps, FX300, UPPER ROOTS
Extraction Forceps, FX301, LOWER ROOTS

instrument cassette (EFCCL1-F)

With this versatile set of forceps, you'll have the right tool for various extraction scenarios. The included instrument cassette (EFCCL1-F) ensures convenient storage and organization. Trust in OSUNG's quality instruments to enhance your dental practice's extraction procedures, promoting successful outcomes and patient comfort.