Professional Dental Hygiene Kit by OSUNG | 4 piece

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Enhance your dental hygiene practices with the Professional Dental Hygiene Kit by OSUNG. This 4-piece set is thoughtfully curated to meet the needs of dental professionals for thorough and precise hygiene procedures.

The kit includes:

Plastic Mouth Mirror, Blue color, Autoclavable: This mirror provides clear views for comprehensive oral examinations, enhancing diagnostics.
Dental Explorer 2EXD5H: A versatile explorer designed for detecting dental caries, calculus, and other imperfections with accuracy.
Sickle Scaler, Anterior, Premolar, Silicone Handle, 2LSH6-H7: Crafted for efficient removal of tartar and plaque from anterior and premolar teeth, ensuring thorough cleaning.
Dental Probe, 2BPCP12: Designed for measuring periodontal pocket depth and detecting gum health, allowing for precise assessments.

This kit is an indispensable addition to any dental practice, promoting effective oral care and patient comfort. Experience the reliability and quality of OSUNG instruments to elevate your dental hygiene procedures.