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Dental Amalgam Tray Instrument Set

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Introducing the Dental Amalgam Tray Instrument Set, an essential collection for precise amalgam procedures.

This set includes:

Dental Explorer EXD5H
Tweezer, Standard, PC1
Anesthesia Syringe, Aspirating, Type A, SAA1
Excavator, Metal Handle, EXC18
Placement, PICH
Amalgam Carrier, PM2025
Amalgam Plugger, PLG0-1
Amalgam Plugger, PLG1-2
Carver, CVCD89-92
Carver, CV3S
Amalgam Burnisher, BB26-27S
Instrument cassette, EFCCL1

Equip your practice with this comprehensive set to streamline amalgam procedures and achieve exceptional outcomes. The precision instruments included are designed to enhance your efficiency and accuracy during every step of the process