Laryngeal Mouth Mirror #2, 18 mm Dia with Handle

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Oral32 Laryngeal Mouth Mirror-2 – 18 mm Dia for Clear Visualization and Precise Examination!

Achieve clear visualization and precise examination with the Oral32 Laryngeal Mouth Mirror-2, featuring an 18 mm Mirror Diameter. This specialized mirror is designed to provide a detailed view of the laryngeal area, enabling accurate assessments for medical professionals.

Key Features:

18 mm Mirror Diameter: Offers a clear and focused view of the laryngeal region.
8.3 in. Total Length: Facilitates comfortable handling and positioning during examinations.
Professional Grade: Designed by Oral32 for use by medical professionals, ensuring reliable and consistent results.

Enhance your laryngeal examinations with the clarity and precision of the Oral32 Laryngeal Mouth Mirror-2 – where exceptional craftsmanship meets specialized design for optimal medical assessments.