Operating Scissor, Sharp/Sharp, Straight, 5.5"

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Introducing the Oral32 34642 Operating Scissor, Sharp/Sharp, Straight, 5.5" – a specially designed surgical instrument crafted for high precision and efficiency in medical procedures, featuring dual sharp blades for enhanced cutting performance.

Key Features:

  • Sharp/Sharp Blades: Both blades of this scissor are sharp, offering exceptional cutting precision. This design is ideal for detailed surgical tasks where clean and precise cuts are paramount.
  • Straight Design: The straight blade configuration ensures accurate and straight cuts, making it suitable for a variety of surgical and medical procedures.
  • Optimal Length: The 5.5-inch length provides a balance between control and reach, making these scissors versatile for various tasks in medical settings.
  • Precision Cutting: Designed for utmost accuracy, these scissors are essential for precise cutting requirements, particularly in surgical environments.
  • Durable Craftsmanship: Made from high-quality, surgical-grade materials, these scissors are built to maintain their edge and durability, ensuring reliable performance in critical scenarios.
  • Ergonomic Comfort: The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, which helps reduce hand fatigue during prolonged procedures, crucial for maintaining precision and control.
  • Versatile Applications: Our scissors are made with high quality stainless steel and perfect for operating room applications. An indispensable tool for surgeons and medical professionals, these scissors are well-suited for use in operating rooms, clinics, and other healthcare environments where precise cutting is necessary.

The Oral32 34642 Operating Scissor, Sharp/Sharp, Straight, 5.5" is an essential surgical tool, combining dual sharp blades and straight design for maximum precision and effectiveness in various medical and surgical settings.