Luxating Elevator, Regular,Plastic handle , 3ELLR501

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Luxating Elevator, Regular,Plastic handle , 3ELLR501
Osung dental luxating elevator helps to luxate the dental root easily by cutting the gingival ligament, unlike a conventional elevator that unnecessarily takes up much power to elevate dental root. The tool is immune to damages. This luxating elevator has the benefit of not causing much problem to the tissue and the bone frame. The Osung luxating elevator has been designed keeping in mind the concerns of dentists, based on their clinical experiences. The grip is designed to be controlled by minimum force. The tiny narrow blades can be used for fractured teeth or dental caries.
Osung equipment is the final choice for dentists working in professional-grade dental-care settings, including offices, healthcare establishments, research facilities and universities. Osung range of medical instruments are manufactured such that they the meet global standards for performance in this category.