Luxating Elevator, Compound Curved, Plastic handle ,3ELL30K

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Luxating Elevator, Compound Curved, Plastic handle , 3ELL30K
Osung luxating elevators are sharper and thinner, and these tools are able to fit into the tight apical spaces, which are more efficient at cutting the ligaments of the periodontal portion. The instrument is designed to be used in circular motion to separate the tooth from the surrounding tissue and periodontal ligament. It is ideal not to use the Osung luxating elevator in as a wedge against a tooth to allow the breakdown of the periodontal ligament. Osung luxating elevators can be deeply seated in the ligament space.
Osung range of medical instruments are manufactured to meet global standards for performance in this category. Expect every Osung product to meet GMP norms, perfected in ISO-certified, modern factories. CE marked Osung dental equipment retails in more than 20 nations across the world.