KN95 Respiratory Face Mask - 95% filtration rate

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KN95 Respiratory Face Mask - 95% Filtration rate

These face masks cannot be refunded or returned due to personal hygiene reasons.

These KN95 face masks are filtering masks that are recommended when protection of the respiratory system is needed.


These masks come in packages of 1, 5 and 10. We will ship you correct total quantity in mix quantify packages.

How do I use KN95 face masks?

Respiratory face masks are easy to use and can be worn by anyone. To fit, simply hold the mask and place it over your nose and mouth. Bring both elasticated headbands over your head and adjust the position until it’s comfortable. 

The bottom elasticated headband should sit at the nape of your neck and the top elasticated headband should sit just above the crest of your head (the widest part).

Once the face mask is in place, you can adjust the fitting on your nose by pinching or moving the metal bridge section so that it fits closely but without being too tight.

The masks are comfortable to wear as they are lightweight and non-bulky.


  • Function: Thick layers of protection effectively resist the invasion of harmful substances, protecting against dust, liquids and weather.
  • Good quality: Seal the bridge of the nose improves the adhesion of the item.
  • Comfortable to wear: No falling off, comfortable to wear and the mask is designed with high strength.
  • Wide application: Perfect for machining, automobile making, sports, running, hiking, climbing and so on.
  • Convenient to use: Adjustable nose clip fits the face, fixes the sides of the easily detachable nose wings, helping to isolate the polluted air.
  • Comfortable to wear: The mask is wide enough to cover the nose, mouth and face, it fits for most faces.
  • Respirator valve: Independent one-way breathing valve effectively reduces respiratory resistance.

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