Gracey Curette, Plastic handle, Standard, 3CGR17-18

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Gracey Curette, Plastic handle, Standard, 3CGR17-18
The gracey curette from Osung features unique cutting blades and long shanks, with bends improved to better access to complex morphology of the root surface. The gracey curette can adapt closely to the specific tooth for which it is required. With the help of this gracey curette, a dentist can easily be placed across the surface to be scaled, such that the terminal shank has to be aligned parallel to the same surface. The ideal working angulation for evicting the calculus can be attained in this manner.
Osung range of medical instruments are crafted to meet global standards of performance in this category. Expect every Osung product to meet GMP norms, perfected in ISO-certified, modern factories.