Gingicord packer, GCPS6

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Gingicord packer, GCPS6
Osung GCPS6 Gingicord Packer comes with dual working ends with non-serrated tips. Both tips of the equipment measure 1.8 mm. Medical instrument is designed from top quality light weight material that reduces hand and wrist weariness. Dental equipment is resourcefully constructed with high grade metal that offers long tool life and enhanced instrument investment. Dental tool is proficiently made to deliver premium performance. Prosthodontic apparatus is competently produced for inserting gingival retraction cord in sulcus. Medical instrument is built with exceptional metal grip to provide smooth handling and tactile feel to the fingers.

Osung designs its products with the motive to offer maximum efficiency during dental sessions. There are only few organizations, which adapt advanced techniques to improve applications of their tools as Osung does.