Osung Dual Edge Anterior Luxating Elevator Metal Handle -4ELLD501

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Osung Dual Edge Anterior Luxating Elevator Metal Handle -4ELLD501

The concept of the Luxating elevator is to luxate the dental root easily by incising the gingival ligament unlike an elevator that needs more power to elevate dental root. Because of the thinner and sharper blade than an elevator, it can get damaged easily when it is overused for operation but the luxating elevators have the merit of less damage of tissue and preservation of the alveolar bone. It is more effective when used with other extracting instruments like forceps if needed.

  • Dual Edge
  • Tiny narrow blades can be used for deeply fractured teeth or dental caries.
  • Tip Width: 3mm/4.8mm
  • For Anterior
  • Autoclavable
  • Metal Handle

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