Dental Impression Tray, Reg, Ni-Brass, TBWXLL

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Dental Impression Tray, Reg, Ni-Brass, TBWXLL
Osung TBWXLL Dental Impression tray comes with nickel plated finish. Dental tray delivers comfortable insertion & removal of impression material during dental treatments. Dental instrument is crafted with excellent metallic handle to provide effective grip in dental sessions. Prosthodontic tool is ergonomically constructed to offer clear dentulous impression. Medical equipment is built to decrease tissue displacement & dimensional changes of impression material. Dental instrument is made with lightweight metal to maximize equipment life. Impression Tray is purposefully fabricated to target lower jaw. Industrial instrument is manufactured competently to regulate the impression material from the patients mouth. Dental equipment is produced to perform optimally.

Osung accommodates to the entire range of dental medical devices category, delivering an inclusive combination of dental products for healthcare professionals, office settings and DIY use.