Dental Screw Removal Kit Osung -OSR-KIT

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Osung Dental Screw Removal Kit -OSR-KIT

Used for removing a broken screw in the fixture safely & speedily.

  • Size 160 x 85 x 65H(mm)


  • Tap Repair: Consist of M1.6, M1.8, and M2.0
  • Ratchet Wrench: For abutment hex removal and tap repair
  • Internal Guide Handle: Used for holding an internal guide firmly
  • Claw Removal: Consist of Ø1.1S, Ø1.1L, Ø1.5S, and Ø1.5L for removing a broken screw inside a fixture
  • Hand Drive: For using a slot driver and claw removal by hand
  • Slot Driver: For damaged Hex of healing abutment, cover screw and abutment screw
  • Abutment Hex Removal: used for removing octa or broken hex of abutment
  • Internal Guide: Consist of IH2.4, IH2.5, and IO3.1. It is used with claw removal Ø1.1L or Ø1.5L as a guide


1) Remove fractured one-piece Abutment

  • Make a linear slot using over 0.8mm bur.
  • Fit a slot driver into the preformed linear slot and turn counterclockwise to remove the broken abutment.

2) Remove fractured Abutment Screw

  • Fractured screw
  • Hold guide handle not to move internal guide.
  • Put claw removal to reach the screw through an internal guide.

3) Remove fractured Abutment Hex

  • Fractured abutment hex
  • Turn Abutment Hex removal clockwise until it hangs to fractured Abutment hex (Fixture can be moved if you put excessive power)
  • Remove Hex.

4) Renew of interior Tap for damaged fracture

  • Do not harm by heat injecting saline continuously.
  • Refine internal tap with a force of 10-30N.
  • Remove residue in the tap. (2-3 times repeat)

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