Osung 15/16 Gracey Curette Posterior, Silicone Handle Premium -2CGR15-16

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Dental Gracey Curette Mesial, Silicone Handle Premium OSung -2CGR15-16

  • Mesial surface of all posterior teeth
  • Standard Type
  • OSUNG’s Autoclavable silicone handle gives no-stress on wrist and provides an excellent grip.
  • Shank has the same angle with GR13-14 but useful for mesial surface of posterior
  • Gracey Curette: Used for fixed specific area according to each instruments. The lower cutting edge is used only and have 70 ̊ angle on the basis of terminal shank

With its Gracey design, it ensures precise removal of calculus and plaque from root surfaces. Elevate your periodontal practice with the Osung Premium Dental Gracey Curette -2CGR15-16 offering superior performance and patient comfort. Trust Osung for innovative dental instruments that deliver exceptional results.