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Composite Instrument, Plastic handle, 3PFWDS2

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Composite Instrument, Plastic handle, 3PFWDS2
Osung 3PFWDS2 Composite Instrument features effective plastic grip that delivers easy handling and tactile feel. Dental instrument is produced to provide ideal performance. Dental tool comes with dual working autoclavable ends. Dental plugger is constructed with high grade light weight material that decreases hand and wrist weariness. Tips of each end measure 3.1 mm and 2.5 mm. Restorative apparatus is purposefully manufactured to support dentists in placing, sculpting, and contouring dental composites comfortably. Medical equipment is built with premium quality stainless steel to increase instrument life and investment.

Osung delivers a large variety of dental tools that are produced in ISO competent factories and CE sealed. Dental tools follow international guidelines and built with the aim to give maximum efficiency during procedures.

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