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Fluoride Oral Rinse Fruit Punch 64 fl oz

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MARK3 2% Neutral Fluoride Oral Rinse 64oz contains 2% Sodium Fluoride. This product is great for patients with cosmetic restorations or those who are sensitive to acidic fluoride. Also a great alternative to traditional fluoride treaments. Dye-free formula makes it ideal for use in patients with allergies as well as for those who have undergone whitening procedures.

  • Ideal for patients with cosmetic restorations.
  • Perfect for use in people with intolerance to acidic fluoride
  • offers remarkable non-acidic balance
  • Comfortable fluoride treatment for sensitive patients
  • Gluten-Free
  • Sweatened with Xylitol - perfect for caries prevention
  • 2% Sodium Fluoride content provides 0.90% Fluoride Ion
  • Ultra-convenient to use and is a cost effective substitute for fluoride trays.

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