Dr. Park's Basic Dental Surgery Kit

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Introducing the OSUNG Professional Surgical Kit, a comprehensive collection of essential tools designed to empower dentists in their professional journey. This meticulously curated kit encompasses a range of instruments necessary for various dental procedures. Let's explore the remarkable features of each item included in this exceptional package:
  • OSUNG Dental Diagnostic Explorers Metal Handle Double Ended (EXD11-12): This double-ended explorer provides superior tactile sensitivity, allowing you to detect caries, calculus, and other dental abnormalities with precision. The ergonomic metal handle ensures a comfortable grip and optimal control during examination.
  • OSUNG PC1 Dental Cotton Dressing Pliers (PL01): These versatile pliers are designed for efficient handling and placement of dental cotton dressings. The precision tips enable you to manipulate and position dressings accurately, promoting optimal healing and patient comfort.
  • OSUNG Dental Scalpel Handle Straight (SHS): Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this straight scalpel handle ensures exceptional control and maneuverability. It is compatible with a variety of scalpel blades, enabling you to make precise incisions during surgical procedures.
  • OSUNG Dental Orban Knife Periodontal KO 1-2 (KO1-2): The Orban Knife is an essential tool for periodontal procedures. With its sharp and tapered blade, it allows for precise removal of granulation tissue, facilitating efficient treatment and promoting oral health.
  • OSUNG Dental Chisel, Periodontal, C13K-TG (CHC13K-TG): Engineered for periodontal procedures, this chisel features a tapered and sharp cutting edge for effective removal of bone and tissue. The ergonomic handle ensures comfortable and controlled use, enhancing your efficiency in clinical settings.
  • OSUNG Dental Periosteal Elevator Prichard, PPR3 (EPPR3): This specialized instrument is designed for periosteal elevation and tissue reflection during surgical procedures. The Prichard tip allows for gentle manipulation and optimal access to the surgical site, aiding in precise surgical techniques.
  • OSUNG Dental Surgical Curette, CL 85 Lucas (URCL85): The Lucas Curette is an indispensable tool for effective removal of debris and calculus during scaling and root planing procedures. Its precision design and ergonomic handle offer superior control and comfort.
  • OSUNG Dental Anesthetic Syringe, D-SAA-01: Experience precise and accurate anesthetic administration with this high-quality dental syringe. The smooth plunger action and ergonomic design ensure comfort for both the dentist and the patient, enhancing the overall experience.
  • Dental Minnesota Cheek Retractor (RTCRM): The Minnesota Cheek Retractor allows for excellent intraoral access and visibility during various dental procedures. Its adjustable design ensures patient comfort and ease of use, enabling you to work efficiently.
  • OSUNG Dean Scissor, 6"-3/4", SCD-01 (SCD170): These precision scissors are crafted with high-quality stainless steel for sharp and accurate cutting performance. The ergonomic design and comfortable grip reduce hand fatigue, ensuring optimal control during surgical procedures.
  • OSUNG Dental Suction Tip, Stainless, STT-4SUS (SN4STS): This stainless steel suction tip ensures effective and efficient evacuation of fluids and debris from the oral cavity. The smooth edges and optimal suction power enhance patient comfort and facilitate a clean operating field.
  • Mosquito Hemostat, Curved, 5", HH3 (HTMC130C): The curved Mosquito Hemostat is designed for efficient hemostasis and handling of delicate tissues. Its locking mechanism provides secure grip and control, allowing you to perform precise maneuvers during surgical procedures.
  • OSUNG Needle Holder, NH01 (NH160): This needle holder offers a secure grip and precise control during suturing procedures.
  • Osung 16 Instrument Cassette