Fog Free Intra Oral Photo System, DMBF-110

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Key Features of the Fog-Resistant Oral Photography System, Model DMBF-110:

  1. Fog-Free Technology: Integrated micro fan in the base to prevent fogging during use.
  2. Enhanced Illumination: Equipped with three LED lights for direct, focused lighting.
  3. Standard Adult Mirror Included: Comes with one standard adult-sized mirror; additional mirrors available for purchase.
  4. Quality Mirrors: Features interchangeable, highly polished stainless steel mirrors with a special coating for durability.
  5. Dual-Function Battery Section: Acts as a handle for ease of use during photography; includes a rechargeable battery.
  6. USB Charging Capability: Easy charging with the provided USB cord, ensuring efficient power management.
  7. User-Friendly Design: Designed for simplicity and ease of use in professional settings.