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About us:
We a supplier of premier dental and surgical products. All of our products are of high quality and inspected before shipment. We are part of a Global Sales Network for OSUNG product line.

About our product line:

OSUNG products are comparable to the best American and German dental and Surgical products and offer much better value. Our customer save when they adopt OSUNG product line in their practice.

Material technology

Several different types of metals are used in instrument manufacturing. Each part (tips, handles, etc) is made with materials that is specially developed in medical industry. BioDur stainless steel made by Carpenter Technology Corporation of USA is used for Osung line for the blades of cutting instruments such as curettes, scalers, excavators, etc. It is a hardened martensitic stainless steel that provides a moderately high level of corrosion resistance, ideal hardness for dental and surgical cutting tools.

Precise & Proper Sharpening work

We believe the medical instruments must be sharpened in precise conditions according to their own characteristics for each kind of instrument. Instruments are widely available in the market but these are just a few suppliers that have perfected this science. Our customer will experience the benefit of this achievement when using Osung Product line.

Corrosion resistance

Laboratory tests have shown the BioDur stainless steel to have better corrosion resistance than Types 410, 420, and 440 in a number of environments. It has a good resistance to rusting and corrosion under atmospheric conditions and various chloride-containing environments. Cones of the BioDur stainless ground with 400 grit paper and passivated in 20% nitric acid containing 2% sodium dichromate showed a high level of corrosion resistance when tested for 22 hours in copper acidified salt spray (ASTM B368-CASS test) and also when tested for 200 hours in 95F (35C), 5% neutral salt spray (ASTM B117). Additionally, the alloy has good resistance to mild atmosphere, mild chemicals, most foodstuff and many petroleum products.

Handle Design:

Osung's pattern of metal handle is ergonomically designed and evaluated in clinical tests before production. The surface finish, thickness and weight were decided based on feedback from these evaluations, which we carried out in 3 different countries for 6 months. The stain finish is a modern trend in the instrument industry. A large diameter is required for preventing carpal tunnel syndrome. Austenitic alloy is used as a material for rust-free products.

New technology of the Knurled Handle:

Osung uses unique cutting methods to make the Knurl on the instrument handles. Normally, most of the instrument companies use the forming system for the knurl. However, the forming method cannot make the marked sharp knurl like cutting method does. The sharp knurls using Osung's unique cutting method enables easy and comfortable control of the instruments.


Each of your instruments will be individually and securely packaged to avoid damage. Every instrument is formed, precision-ground, sharpened, polished and finished by hand and is thoroughly checked and re-checked throughout the manufacturing process. All instruments are easy to sharpen and completely corrosion resistant.

Product Quality and Certified

All OSUNG instruments are manufactured within the guidelines of the FDA quality assurance system for GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and the factory facilities are ISO 13485 certified. All products bear the CE mark and is sold in over 20 countries.

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