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DENTAL BONE COLLECTOR SYSTEM AND FILTER CARTRIDGES offers quality Dental Bone Collector System. The bone system is comparable to IMTEC™ Bone Collector System and the Filter cartridges fits both IMTECH and OSUNG systems.

The system is comprised of 1) Bone Collecting Housing 2) Surgical Suction adapter 3) Aspirator Tip 4) Sterile Filter Cartridge

Advantages of using OSUNG bone collector system include:
- collects usable bones during implant drilling.
- reduces the need for extra surgery for collecting bone graft material.
- saves bone graft material.
- saves surgery time.

NOTE : During the bone collection procedure it is extremely important to avoid saliva contamination, which could cause failure of the graft and increase the risk of failure of the implant and cause infection. To avoid this problem, use two suctions. One is for collecting bone graft, and the other one is for blood and saliva. After drilling and collecting the bone, allow copious wash with saline solution of the obtained tissue. Keep this material wet in saline solution until it will be placed on the patient site.

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Bone Collector Filter Bone Collector
Dental Bone Collector Filter, STN-01-F
Reg. Price: $4.95
Sale Price: $2.95
Dental Bone Collector, STN-01
Reg. Price: $217.95
Sale Price: $144.95
Dental Bone Collector Filter, STN-01-F Dental Bone Collector, STN-01
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